PC Repair

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I understand that some people just aren’t computer literate enough to be able to fix there pc’s and need other peoples help but why is it that they have to be complete tards about making sure you have up to date virus scanners, a firewall, some sort of adaware program and above all to stop, for the love of god, using IE.

So, I’m sitting here at my desk this morning and one of my bosses brings in his childs PC to fix and says there’s some sort of virus on it. I’m like okay, so I boot up the laptop and ask which acct to us so he brings up the guest acct which aint gonna help me so I call the child to get his admin acct and try to get what I need to do done within an hour if possible because that’s about how long the battery pack lasts for since one didn’t come with the PC. I put my handy disk together of tools I’ll need and get to work. What a HORENDOUS mess. Spyware, trojans, no firewall, cheesy Mcafee that was so out of date that wasn’t even funny and which I never really did get to remove due to the battery pack dying shortly after. I did manage to load up zone alarm, firefox (yes, yes I know I’m a diehard Opera fan but firefox is easier for these tards to use in place of IE – this will probably come back to bite me in the ass later from some people who are firefox fanatics), norton antivirus corp. Interestingly enough there was Spybot on board but alas just as out of date as the Mcafee. So, I then trek over to TrendMicro’s Housecall online scanner (http://housecall.trendmicro.com – you should check it out) and let that run for trojans which it finds and I get rid of, then I hit the msconfig to see what else is running and find boatloads of spyware and I disable them from the startup and end there processes, then do a spybot update/scan. Finds boatloads more spyware that it removes and then I have to restart because apparently there were some other processes running that I didnt see that were spyware. So I’m rebooting, it scans and gets rid of some more but one more is still stubborn…so I’m scouring for that specific adaware removal tool, find it, run it, reboot PC, Spybot’s running one more time and then POW battery dies :/

Well, I surely would’ve like to clean up some more stuff but there’s only so much you can accomplish in an hour and he should be okay if he’s mindful of checking for spyware and trojans. I’m sure I’ll get a call from him later today as I left the PC with my boss telling him I needed to talk to him when he got out of classes about what he should do and how to operate Zone Alarm with new programs hitting the internet.

On another related PC call, my neighbor tells my other neighbor across the street that I’d go and fix her PC because she was having some issues and was having difficulties with a parental monitoring software that some other person enabled in IE. Again, I cannot stress the importance of avoiding freaking IE like the plague, it just causes more trouble than its worth. So I load up firefox, clean there trojans/spyware off and load up a real parental monitoring program. And let me say that XP Home Edition sucks too which is what was loaded on their PC. I also load up a Zone Alarm as they didn’t have any firewall in place either but surprisingly Norton was running and up to date but kept flashing you have some trojan.

I think I’m gonna start charging these people cuz it wastes at least 2 hours of my time digging through there PC’s and sitting there waiting for scans to finish and what not to get them operational again.

Okay, I’m done with my rant today…I’m sure they’ll be more PC stories at a later date.

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