Looky Here!

04/10/2011 @ 12:04 AM | Sports with 1 Comment

Got my lovely packages in the other day. I can carry my laptop to Starbucks now in my Philadelphia Eagles laptop bag with handles! My current one doesn’t have any handles so I was having to put it in my backpack. I don’t need to carry my backpack now with this as I can put the mouse and plug in the case too. It is a somewhat tight fit but it’ll work. I couldn’t find another one bigger. I usually go to Starbucks now to do my homework to get out of my place where I more likely than not to watch TV instead of doing my homework.

I also got this baby while it was on clearance on the Philadelphia Eagles Store site. I always carry around a light jacket with me because I get cold so easily and in restaurants they always have the air on pretty low. This way I can represent my team no matter where I go now 🙂 It is a zip up hoodie so I can cover my head when I need to as well. I love the distressed look of it too. I think I need to find another one now in solid green. I’m slowly but surely gaining Eagles stuff now. I also have 2 jerseys to wear during the season when I go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch games.

I still don’t know if there will be a football season this year. The talks don’t look like they are going anywhere and everybody is suing the NFL owners because of it including the retired folks and the rookies to be. Honestly, I think the owners are being a bit greedy. If they want to expand the season they need to play the players accordingly because the rookies aren’t going to be playing those games the seasoned players are as it is regular season games.

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Four Foods on Friday #140

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Time to learn more food facts according to me. As always be sure to check out Fun Craft and Recipes to join each week and to spread the news so others might join as well.

1. What are your four favorite foods from a Chinese restaurant?

I always get the same things because I love them so much.

1. Chicken with broccoli
2. Pancit – preferably chicken or pork
3. Spring rolls
4. Pork/chicken fried rice

I’d eat it every day if I could.

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Flowertown Festival 2011

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So this past weekend was the yearly Flowertown Festival here. Just about all the azaleas were in bloom which is really pretty. I usually go every year for at least one day just to get myself a big pretzel. This year I decided to wander around looking for the potpourri guy because I was out of the vanilla drops that I use to freshen up the vanilla potpourri that I also got from this same guy some years back. Took me a while but I found him but not after I ran into the sports section and picked up an already framed Eagles helmet, stamp, and little tag saying we were NFL Champs for a couple of years. Then I ran into this lady who was selling magnetic ID badge holders in all sorts of different shapes, animals, etc. I narrowed it down to 2 hummingbirds and Tigger. I chose one of the hummingbirds. Then when I got home to attach it to my badge I realized I needed to get a new badge reel because the one I was using wouldn’t be functional to use with the magnet. No biggy, ordered one online for a couple bucks. Should be here this week.

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Four Foods on Friday #139

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Time to learn more food facts according to me. As always be sure to check out Fun Craft and Recipes to join each week and to spread the news so others might join as well.

I had so many things going on this past weekend that I didn’t even open my laptop. So without further ado, Four Foods on Friday, about my favorite type of vegetable.

1. When you have french fries at home do you make them or use frozen?
I drive to whatever is the closest restaurant is to me to pick some up. I do not buy french fries for my house must less cook any. I did own a Fry Daddy a LONG time ago but no more and I don’t want one, saves me the trouble of wanting to cook fried foods all the time.

2. What is your favorite type of fried potato?
Fried french fry of course 🙂

3. What do you have with your fries or potatoes?
If it is mashed potatoes – add salt. If it is french fries – add salt and MAYBE a little bit of ketchup.

4. What’s your least favorite thing about french fries?
Sogginess. Don’t bring me a soggy fry because I WILL return it to be cooked longer. Crispy, crispy, crispy.

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Meet Me on Monday #41

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I found this meme on another blog and tracked it back to the originator. There are some interesting questions and a great way to know me a little more. You can check it out at Meet Me on Monday Meme. Here goes…

1. If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Macaroni and cheese but only if I’m allowed salt too because I can’t eat that without salt. Otherwise, just some cheese.

2. Do you write your blog posts in advance or the day you post them?
Sometimes in advanced but mainly the time I think about writing something it will get posted.

3. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
Not that I can recall.

4. What is your favorite candle scent?
I don’t buy candles that often but I’ll get the buttercream or vanilla from Yankee Candle.

5. Coffee or tea?
Up until most recently when I discovered Cafe Mocha’s really aren’t THAT bad I’d have said just cold tea because I don’t particularly care for hot tea but now I think the Cafe Mocha with an extra shot or two of mocha because I don’t like the coffee taste.

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The Jokes on Me

04/01/2011 @ 10:00 PM | Animals with 2 Comments

Well, I took the dogs in for their yearly shots today and came out with antibiotics and two, count em, two separate surgery dates for each dog. The antibiotic alone was $102 for 3 weeks because Pepper has an abscessed tooth which is infected. Her surgery is scheduled right after she finishes the antibiotics with the possibility that she will lose one of her teeth and possibly a canine tooth too.

Digging around in Stormy’s mouth revealed a tumor on her gum which is more likely than not cancer whenever found there. So her surgery is scheduled for May to excise the tumor, hopefully all of it. She may or may not lose any teeth depending on how deep the tumor is and then it will need to be sent off to verify if its malignant. Then we have to decide whether chemotherapy or radiation would be needed or not. She’s only 5 and coupled with her having seizures too I dunno how that’ll work.

So I walked out paying a $361 bill for today with estimates on one surgery between $480-$550 and the other of $480-$660. Yeah me :/

And I still forgot to get my damn oil changed in the car. Gotta remember this for tomorrow cuz its 1000 miles over due :/

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