Black Goo

05/17/2007 @ 7:56 PM | Animals, Nature with 2 Comments

So I still have this pile of stump shavings and I have added leaves to it which is still in a big pile in my backyard. Now this goo has developed a couple of days ago all around the pile of stuff. What is it? Obviously I need to get rid of it, but is it gonna be a harm to the dogs even though they don’t mess with it?

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Friggin Nurses

05/16/2007 @ 5:52 PM | Health, Personal with 1 Comment

Ya know, I get sick and tired of them meddling in the stuff of our patients. They write up lab cards when we don’t want them, they call patients to tell them to come in at a different time then already alotted and then they will sit there and question you about why you do those things. We can do what we want because they are OUR patients. Those nurses are just in the clinic to take vitals, send patients to the floor and give shots if we ask nothing more, nothing less. Sadly I think it’s going to be another talk with no results.

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Middle of May

@ 7:40 AM | Personal with 3 Comments

I can’t believe it is already the middle of May. Summertime, rugrats running all through my yard aggravating the hell out of my dogs. I swear if I could put a fence in my front yard to stop them I would. Why is it that kids have to throw shit at animals? They bark beacuse you do not belong in their yard. They know this. I know this. Why don’t these kids know this? A better question is why don’t they care? Because they don’t get discipline.

We have a banana tree in the front yard and it grows to be pretty big by the end of summer but it is now sprouting and has been for about a month. Unfortunately I saw that those little brats have been running through it and lord knows what else because there are broken leaves and branches everywhere. That tree didn’t do anything to them. And no it hasn’t given fruit yet, I’m waiting to see if it ever does because I love bananas. But I have a feeling it probably never will because those brats rip part of it up every year all during the summer.

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05/14/2007 @ 9:53 PM | Personal with 5 Comments

Had a blast at the local hangout tonight. A lot of people showed up and I caught up on the stuff that I had missed on Saturday night because I had to leave to early with my guest in town. Now I am watching the second to last episode of Heroes. If you have not see that series before you have GOT to watch it. It is an EXCELLENT series and I think you can watch the past episodes on the NBC website. Otherwise you can watch repeats on the SciFi channel. And if all else fails, just go to the bitorrent sites to download the episodes to watch without commercials I might add. Those people are nice like that.

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Middleton Place Plantation

@ 2:44 PM | General, Nature with 1 Comment

Well, I just got back from a tour of Middleton Place Plantation. It is always interesting of the history of the place where you live and some of the stuff that is still going on to this day like the fact that the Middleton’s own about 6000 more acres beyond that 200+ acre plantation you are allowed to tour on and the local counties want to build on it and they don’t want it developed. Guess what, that is their perogative because they own it. But these gardens were amazing and huge. They still had some of the old buildings on the property that survived the burnings from the soldiers, the earthquake in 1886 and the hurricane in 1989 among other squabbles and such. They have an oak tree on the property that is over 900 years old and it is HUGE. The base was 36 feet in circumference. You could even get lost in those gardens if you weren’t careful. Excellent tours and they even had some period craftsman working there showing us how they did things back in the 1800s.

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Guests Part 1

05/13/2007 @ 11:12 PM | Personal with 2 Comments

Well yesterday my friend arrived and today we toured most of downtown and sat through a 90 minute presentation for a timeshare which was an excellent deal but unfortunately I didn’t have the money to get it at the time and boy do those people get ticked off. It’s a lot of commitment and you can’t decide right then and there. I have to think about things in the future. I love those time shares though because a lot of my friends have them and I am always going with them.

It’s tiring having someone here though because you can’t do what you normally would and you have to make sure they are taken care of. He just went to bed. One more day left.

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