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So this weekend I FINALLY did my Christmas shopping. As a matter of fact, most of it last night because I’m that slack.

I ordered one gift online last week which got shipped to a coworker yesterday while she was on her way to Georgia for her nephews graduation from Georgia Tech so I picked it up on my way home so no one would steal it.

Last night I hit up Wal-Mart for a gift card because that is what my coworker wanted for Christmas (I asked her). I don’t like guessing at things. Usually I get her a Kohl’s gift card.

My other coworker I usually get gift cards or if Avon puts out a special Christmas Barbie I will purchase one of those because she has been collecting them since she was a little girl and has amassed quite a collection which is insured there are so many and quite expensive now due to some of them being so old and in perfect condition. Anywho, I happened upon the B&N website and lo and behold they were offering a Christmas Barbie so I immediately bought it for her and it will be shipped this week.

Two of the physicians I usually buy wine for unless I can find some good Giants garb for one of them which I never scouted this year so they both get a bottle of wine.

Our nurse in the clinic I bought an O’Charley’s gift card from me and a coworker.

Now my boss is always difficult to figure out. He LOVES any electronic essentially. More gadgety more the better. I was unsure what to get him aside from the usual $10 iTunes gift card because he has everything Apple. Upon researching Hoth Cocoa which had Chewbacca I ended up on thinkgeek.com and found a cool iPad joystick so I bought that for my boss and will have to tell him NOT to use the gift card until he gets the package.

Anywhoo, what does all this have to do with the picture of my teeth? I went digging in my closet for the umpteen amount of Christmas cards I have to put the gift cards in and a scarf i’ve been missing and wanted to wear. So unpacking box after box I found an impression of my teeth that was done immediately after I got my braces off back when I was 16/17 years old. The top still look the exact same way but the bottom one does not. One of the teeth have turned inward a bit because I stopped wearing the night guards a LONG time ago. Probably almost immediately after I got the braces off because I didn’t care. Still don’t either. I found some of my old cross stitch stuff I had done. I also found the scarf *bonus*

Y’all have a Happy Holidays!

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  1. 1
    Karen // December 18th, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    I think it is so hard to think of gifts for people. I am glad our gift giving is down to just our grown kids, the grandmas and each other.

    That is so funny about the teeth. I have a set like that and I pass it back and forth to my son as an on going joke. You never know where each other will hide it. Hmm, he will be here next week. I better get them ready.

  2. 2
    Small Town Mommy
    Twitter: SmallTownMommy
    // December 28th, 2011 at 8:57 PM

    Don’t worry, I have enough Nativity scenes for all of us. I inherited a number of them from my mother.