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Norton Antivirus Free

Yes folks, I said free Norton Antivirus download. You cannot beat that especially when it is a Norton Product. I have been using Norton for YEARS and haven’t had any complaints with it what so ever. I have not gotten any sort of bug on my system when this has been on either. You can set it to scan your computer at night when you are not using it so it does not interfere with you being on it. And you can get it now free from Google. Now if you do not trust your own friends and computer repair person, you can get reviews from CNet and PC Magazine. It just irks me when friends call me to find out why their computer are not functioning as when they got it from the store and it is because they do not have a firewall and antivirus. It just takes a little bit of common sense to know these will help you in the long run from having too many problems especially if you sit on the internet whether it be for fun, games or work.

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#1 Comment By mike On 02/24/2007 @ 12:21 PM

I totally agree. I just paid to renew my norton a few weeks ago though…..story of my life I guess.

#2 Comment By Psycho Dude On 02/25/2007 @ 4:09 PM

Nice to see it being available for free, should have been much sooner. Will I be using it though? Not really, I have had nothing but bad experiences with Norton over the years as it completely slows down my systems a lot, always is a pain in the ass trying to block programs I need even if I tell their firewall not to do so, etc.

Seeing as to how I have a couple of systems running without a virus scanner at all for years already without any problems which perform better than the systems I had with Norton on it I guess the only way they can make me use it is if they would pay me for it.