No Mo Wi-Fi

10/05/2007 @ 10:55 AM | General with 1 Comment | Print This Post

So we had free Wi-Fi throughout the city but they have since decided that it would not only cost too much to set up (over $500,000) but that the towers would be a hinderance to the skyline around here. Oh ya, these people are all about the scenic view because we are right on the river. If you block that you have issues. Everything has to go through some planning committee as well as the historical society before they can even think about building anything around here. One of the drawbacks from living here but it is not that bad. What I find annoying is the fact that the Wi-Fi was actually on and working already so why can’t they leave what they already have on and just not expand anymore instead of shutting the entire thing off except to the paying people? Oh ya, didn’t I mention they also had a side for the paying people to get more speed? Well they do and hey are going to leave that up just for them. It’s asinine if you ask me.

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    mikster // October 5th, 2007 at 2:09 PM

    It’s just another example of the “Man” putting us down again…. or something. 😉