New Photos

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Yep, I finally got around to putting up the photos when my friend came down to visit for a couple of days. We toured downtown Charleston, Middleton Place and he also sent me some photos of some of the ships he saw on his way to St. Mart.

I so need to get a digital camera but when my new phone comes in it has a 2 mp camera so I’ll be able to take better ones but in the meantime I feel like I am cut off because I am out a phone for at least 4-5 days :/ To ship my phone back for repair takes 10 days and I still havent received the RMA information in my email and they are closed on the weekend so I cant ship it until next week. Then I wanted to get a new phone at the store but they cant bill to my account so I had to call the 1-800 # and it takes 4-5 days for it to show up. Aargghh…

People were ticked off at me yesterday when I got to Breck’s because they had been calling me all day while my phone was dead to give me the good news about one of our friends having her baby early and she’s doing fine.

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