My Eyes are Burning

04/14/2008 @ 11:41 AM | Health, Personal with Comments Off on My Eyes are Burning | Print This Post

I have been wearing contacts since I was in the 5th grade. Glasses since 2nd. It is not fun and more often than not annoying especially in the middle of the night when you have something crawling on you underneath the covers and all you can do is throw back the covers and scramble out of the bed as fast as you can while trying to find the light string for the fan knowing you can’t see anything because you have no glasses or contacts in. It isn’t fun and it was a water bug. Needless to say I am fully clothed while in bed now since that creeped me out last summer.

That being said my eyes are constantly burning mainly due to lack of sleep and a lot of time during the summer from the heat even though we have such high humidity you wouldn’t think so. I am in the market for some new contacts as I need to reup my subscription since it has been 2 years for an eye exam so the Acuvue Oasys might be right up my alley. Another good thing is that you can get the high prescription that I have online as well. You cannot imagine how many times I have gone to get my eyes examined to get a new pair right there only to walk out with my old ones or a lesser strength because they do not have the strength I use. I have learned that lesson really well and do not trash them upon arrival anymore. I also just noticed to that at 1-800-GET-LENS, their contact lenses are cheaper than what I can even get here at the hospital as well as probably getting them faster. Now how sad is that?

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