Multitasking While Driving

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Weather: Mostly cloudy and very humid with no rain or even a sprinkle.
Traffic: Rush hour on a 3-lane interstate going the usual start/moving/stop routine.
Burgundy Honda vehicle with windshield wipers ON: We have a lady supposedly driving in the far left lane with the mirror twisted down to face her so she can put on makeup like that will help her look better. She is swerving around in the lane and sometimes hits those dividers and swerves back in her lane and then looks at the lane to make sure she’s back in it. Slams on the brakes numerous times because she’s gotten to close to the car in front of her because she didn’t see this while she has her face in the mirror putting on makeup. The lady moves to the middle lane and swerves around and slams on her brakes then wants in the right lane where she proceeds to put on her blinky and finds out low and behold there’s a big SUV right there! Swerves back into middle lane while going back to the mirror/makeup thing and sees SUV go by as she’s sorta facing that way anyways and swerves in that lane.

Hello? Rush hour. Driving a vehicle with other people around just waiting for an accident to happen.

Lesson? No amount of makeup is gonna help you look better or drive better if you can’t watch the friggin road instead of yourself in a mirror because at that rate your gonna have an accident so it’ll all be moot by then.

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    Donna // June 3rd, 2005 at 1:05 PM

    Women who do this get on my nerves because they give all women a bad name. If you can’t get up early enough to put your makeup on before leaving the house, then you don’t need to put it on at all. Women like the one you described are just stupid, careless, and inconsiderate. Please don’t judge all of us by this one moron.