Mother Nature can be Destructive Anywhere

09/20/2005 @ 7:23 AM | Nature with Comments Off on Mother Nature can be Destructive Anywhere | Print This Post

So far we’ve had a pretty active hurricane season and at this point in time we have 2 named storms in the atlantic and the west coast has 3 named storms which was four yesterday morning. Alot of people won’t live down here because of the descruction of the hurricanes but it’s not only hurricanes that we get. Back in 1886 we had an earthquake that was considered to be one of the greatest in US history. It was felt by more than 30 states, Ontario, Canada, Havana, Cuba and the Bahamas. There were many more aftershocks after that initial earthquake and more earthquakes after that up until as recent as 1971 that were of a severe degree. I remember back in the 80s we had a tremor at night and the birds and dogs were the ones who felt it because they started barking and squawking. As of late, earthquakes aren’t really a concern like living on the west coast but no matter where you live, there is bound to be some sort of degree of destruction caused by mother nature.

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