Monday Quiz About Me #67

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Acting Balanced

The Rules: I’m going to ask FOUR QUESTIONS that everyone can answer and then you have the option to add a fifth question of your own for those who are visiting your blog to answer in the comment section, along with commenting on the four standard questions you answered!

1. It is Veteran’s Day in the US and Remembrance Day in Canada – are you participating in any special events or doing anything to honor those who served?
I will be at home doing homework to get some of my classes over and done with since we have a holiday.

2. How far are you willing to drive before it becomes better to fly?
I’ve driven 18 hours to get to Michigan soooo the length isn’t what gets me, it’s the money lol.

3. Fresh cranberries are back in stores – Wayne is happy because I’m making crisps again, do you cook/bake with fresh cranberries? Recipes?
I’ve never cooked/baked with any sort of cranberries. I just know cranberries from a can. What are cranberry crisps?

4. We turned on our heat for the first time this week here in SC… how long has the heat been on at your house? What temperature do you set your furnace at?
I had to kick in the heat that night the temp dropped this week. Probably same night as Heather/Wayne. I had the back door open today though as it was in the 70s.

And your question is: Are you already making plans for Thanksgiving and Black Friday?
I’m not touching either one with a ten foot pole.

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  1. 1
    Twitter: clairity2
    // November 11th, 2013 at 12:49 AM

    No plans for Thanksgiving or Black Friday. But who knows? 😛

  2. 2
    Kathy // November 11th, 2013 at 10:20 AM

    I’ll cook a turkey for Thanksgiving, but I won’t touch ‘Black Friday’ with a ten foot pole, either 🙂