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Monday Quiz About Me #28

Acting Balanced [1]

The Rules: I’m going to ask FOUR QUESTIONS that everyone can answer and then you have the option to add a fifth question of your own for those who are visiting your blog to answer in the comment section, along with commenting on the four standard questions you answered!

1. When was the last time you had your picture taken with Santa?
I’m not even sure I HAVE had my picture taken with Santa.

2. Which do you prefer – ham or turkey?
Turkey, white meat only please

3. Do you give more to charity in December?

4. Which US City would you most like to visit and why?
Well, I have already been to Sin City, so how about Honolulu, Hawaii.

And your question is:
Do you remember your college finals? Were you stressed out?

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#1 Comment By Karen On 12/03/2012 @ 10:53 PM

I can’t remember ever sitting on Santa’s lap for a picture! I’ll have to ask my mom.

I didn’t go to college. I probably would have been a basket case.

#2 Comment By Small Town Mommy On 12/04/2012 @ 5:19 PM

I don’t remember college finals. I know I worked hard in graduate school but never freaked out about finals.

#3 Comment By Jennifer On 12/04/2012 @ 8:47 PM

I am prepping for my college finals now and let’s just say I’m going crazy!! I finally had to give myself an allotment of time for school and an allotment of time for play in order to maintain my sanity.

#4 Comment By Rebecca On 12/05/2012 @ 12:26 AM

Sin City? Isn’t that Utica, NY??? Maybe you mean Las Vegas but Las Vegas is all glitz while Utica is all…. well, sin. At least, for the time being….

#5 Comment By Wayne On 12/05/2012 @ 7:02 AM

Hawaii is high on my list at the moment too.

As a professor, I deal with finals every semester. Trust me, it is worse to grade them than to take the tests. Imagine reading the same papers 70+ times.

Thanks for hooking up with the MQAM. See you again next week!

#6 Comment By Keetha On 12/06/2012 @ 12:58 AM

I too love white turkey AND slather on the homemade gravy please!

I never in my life had to take a final. My high school didn’t do them and neither did my college. At least not back in MY day – – – not sure about now.

Then I grew up and became a high school teacher and had to GIVE and GRADE them.