Mobility for the Disabled

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Working in the medical field you see all sorts of disabilities whether physical or mental. What some of us do not realize is how the physical affects the mental and how difficult it is to do day to day outings such as grocery shopping when you may not have the access to transportation that you or I would normally never even think about.

Take my boss for instance. He is in a wheelchair. His only mode for transportation to and from anywhere is a customized van to load and unload his wheelchair. Recently he had some issues with the wheelchair battery not holding a proper charge and then the lift in the van broke. What irked me and totally ticked off his wife the most about the situation was the fact that the company who installed the lift tried to push him off saying they could not fix it anymore because the original installer was no longer with the company. Apparently this company absorbed the smaller company as they were only on contract at one point. Now how can a company say that when this is vital for him to get around? I won’t even get into when his elevator broke at the house and his house is elevated.

We seem to have an NMEDA dealer in the area and I will have to mention it to them in case they want to look for another company. It looks like this store is one of the Quality Assurance Program dealers as they offer structural vehicle modifiers and mobility equipment installers which is what they would need as their lift is already installed. Plus if/when the need arises and they buy a new van they can to go them for the installation of a new lift and not have to worry about the original installers being bought out.

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