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Milk-Bone Soft and Chewy

[1] I’ve always hated shoving pills down animals throats when they need to take them. It is way easier on everybody if you hide it in food or biscuits. Since one of my dogs needs an allergy pill on a daily basis I was using cheese as the cover up while I searched for soft biscuits to shove it in. I swear soft biscuits are hard to come by for dogs. Soft cat treats no sweat but I really don’t want the dogs to have diarrhea from eating cat treats. I mean if they get diarrhea eating cat food why not cat treats.

Anywhoo, I finally found some soft and chewy dog biscuits. Milk-Bone to the rescue! I opted for the beef and filet mignon flavor. I swear the dogs think it is crack. I grab the bottle for the Claritin to open it and the dogs are all over me because they know it is biscuit time now and I need to be pretty damn fast getting my hands away from their mouths when they grab the biscuit because they essentially inhale them. I got the big container for about $15.00. I’m going to try the chicken flavor next but I have a feeling it may not go over as well as the beef flavor but we’ll see. It is a win win situation now though, one dog gets a free biscuit while the other one gets her medicine.

The downside is when I grab the bottle for my Zyrtec since Claritin doesn’t work anymore on me they think it is more biscuit time which it isn’t. You hear that dogs, one biscuit per day only!

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#1 Comment By Rebecca On 09/09/2011 @ 10:56 AM

Dogs take Claritin?!?!??! I think I have heard everything. Wow, next thing you know, the vets will be prescribing the animals special “doggy Kleenex” and special “doggy neti pots.” LOL

#2 Comment By Small Town Mommy On 09/13/2011 @ 11:24 AM

Our dog must have a cast iron stomach. He eats cat treats all the time. I have never seen soft doggy biscuits. That would have been helpful when our dog was taking 3 pills a day.

#3 Comment By B On 09/19/2011 @ 12:48 PM

They actually make pill pocket treats too! Wolf always just spits it out when we try to use a treat, we just use bread now! lol

#4 Comment By Blueyes™ On 09/20/2011 @ 8:00 AM

What are these treats called because I’ve been looking everywhere and no store has anything of the kind.