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I listen to music while at work most of the time to keep me sane from having to listen to the jackoffs next to me constantly all damn day long and very loudly. One lady has a voice you just want to puncture your ear drums out along with an almost hyenia sounding laugh. Then you have this guy who needs enunciation classes badly and if you thought you had wanted to puncture your ears out from the lady makes you want to slight your wrists to listen to him. So back to the point, I listen to music to keep me sane. I listen to online shoutcast stations and trying to find a media player that is compact enough and does not need to suck the life out of my computer considering it will be on for at least 10 hours a day is a task. I have been on this mission for well over 8 years now probably longer considering I use it to play my mp3s at home too.

I started out with MusicMatch Jukebox for the longest. Was still slow but faster than Winamp and still sucked up some juice but again not as much. It sort of annoyed me that I could never get the IP address of the stations I was listening to though because I like to use my shoutcast plugin which currently I am still trying to get working.

Most recently I went on another mission to find one that works faster and stops zapping my pc which brought in MediaMonkey. I think the little monkey logo is what swayed me because I’m not really sure why I tested it out lol It was easy to use and I did at least get a glimpse of the stations IP number before it switched over to the station song/title which was playing. You were able to shrink this into the icon tray instead of having to keep it on the taskbar which was a plus.

Anyways, next on our series is a little program called Fusion. This one just totally ticked me off. Sometimes the shoutcast stations burp and in any normal media player it would just go to the next song/station in the list as I have a few of them but not this one. If it burped you sat in dead silence until you realized it. The functionality of it could be better laid out and actual functions that we need tacked on there that wasn’t. Then of course, I couldn’t see the damn station IP I was listening to either.

Omigawd, then there was this disaster of a media player that I can’t even recall now and I just tried it out a couple of days ago. The sound was horrid and I immediately uninstalled it in like a minute.

Finally, we have the Quintessential Player. This sucker rocks. It’s tiny at 2.21 MB setup file. The original skin sucks but they have plenty to choose from and I choose a plain one that you can change colors on. You have a playlist that will actually go to the next thing in the list if the station burps. It actually shows you the IP address of the streams you are listening too. It will shrink into your icon tray instead of having it on the taskbar which I like. It is really fast and barely uses any resources. There is an equalizer that has presets so you do not have to mess around with that if you don’t want to. There is a remote option if you like to see what is playing and have access to the controls via your screen immediately instead of the icon tray which you can use your mouse to start, stop, etc. Just have to go into the preferences and change them. You can play videos on it and even burn a CD. Great little program and I have since put it on my work pc, home pc, and tablet.

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    Leon // January 12th, 2008 at 3:39 AM

    Good you have something to drown out those annoying people. I’m not much of a music person myself.