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Many Options

I graduate again this May from my second degree. I am now left with many options and have had phone calls regarding job opportunities in other cities and other states. I’d prefer to stay in the south on a coast somewhere since I love the beach. I’ve thought about Florida, Georgia, and Texas. I’ve even considered going back overseas if I could find something. The key is finding a good job to be able to afford to move and then find a nice neighborhood to move into to.

People keep telling me that I should go ahead and purchase a house but I am not sure. That’s a big commitment. Sure the home prices are way down as well as the interest rate but I would be responsible for all the upkeep. I have to say I am pretty handy but that won’t get me but so far in home repair. Looking at some of the Kolter Homes Communities [1] I could potentially stay in this state but move to Myrtle Beach. That’s a pretty good deal if I could find work up there and I do know quite a few people that live up there so it would not be like I did not know anyone.

Kolter Homes also has communities in Georgia and Florida so I really have a large selection to choose from should I move to any of those states. Right now I need to stay focused and finish my final exams for this semester as well as a Cybersecurity competition that is tomorrow. We have 15 minutes to secure 4 servers and 3 clients before the red team starts hacking our machines. Then we have 8 hours straight to keep them up and running. I don’t think we’ll be the last team in the points race but I also hope we are able to keep all of our systems up and running even if they are able to get in. We already found out one of the colleges that was entered has dropped out because they could not secure 6 people for the competition which is sad. This is a great opportunity to get networked into the companies that are sponsoring it and the other companies that are there looking for talent. We will all have copies of our resume just in case.

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#1 Comment By Small Town Mommy On 04/15/2013 @ 9:37 AM

We own our own home and I can’t even imagine renting any more. Although, it would probably be easier and less stressful.