Long Time No Posty

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Yep, it’s one heck of a long time. School pretty much killed me this semester. It was a definite shock the difference between Trident and CSU. First and foremost was the lack of structure at CSU compared to Trident. I was going ballistic without it. There was luckily only one class that actually showed what was due, when it was due, and what was needed to complete it which was the English class which was only half of the semester. I had to endure the trials of none of that on 2 full semester classes and a professor on one of them who ended up stop answering my emails which pissed me off and I ended up dropping that class because there was no help. Sure I will have to take it again and with the same professor but I’m going to wait a few semesters before I attempt that again to save my sanity.

I was surprised that I get things shipped to me from each class that is required. Last semester I ended up with a new router and some other networking tools all of which I had. This semester I am taking Geology as one of my classes and received a box of rocks. Kid you not. Should be fun I think.

Anyways, hope you guys had a good Christmas a have a good New Years as well.

In case any of my follows need a laptop, I am also selling one that was used for maybe 6 months tops. This listing is here if you are in need of one. It is a Toshiba Satellite A665-S6086 for $350.00.


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