Karma is a *itch

04/02/2009 @ 6:12 PM | Health with Comments Off on Karma is a *itch | Print This Post

Oh ya it is and you can only laugh once you hear this. It is no secret as I have mentioned it a number of times before as well as shown some pictures that where I work it floods. It floods because we are below sea level and even this new drainage system that they supposedly put in does not help. It floods anywhere from 1 to 3 feet in some spots.

Well it just so happens that a lot of the dietary folks like taking a family or friends handicap parking tag and hang them in their cars so they can park on the street right next to the cafeteria so they do not have to pay for parking or have to walk that far. It really burns my butt when people do this because I also see it in the garage I park at.

Now on to the karma bit. It just so happens on this one street the flooding stage is pretty high and as we have walkways through the hospital above all of this we can watch and laugh at the folks whose cars are floating down the street. So now picture a BMW with the sunroof open, all the windows in the car open floating down the road. Why were all the windows open you ask? Because the water shorted out the electrical system. How do I know it was a dietary person who owned the BMW? Because a coworker saw her shocked that all the windows were open and then proceed to get into the vehicle and think she was actually going to get it started. Karma, gotta love it.

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