I’ve had an Epiphany!

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golionstshirt You guys should know by now that I am a football fanatic. That’s NFL football only. I consider college ball practice football and arena football pretend practice football. Sure I might get flack from that but so what, those are my opinions. Since one of my friends has moved back to Seattle, who by the way is a diehard Seattle fan, has taken it upon himself to inundate his 2 grandchildren with Seattle garb and then proceeds to send me pictures of it all. Well this past February when they turned 1 he did it again and I’m like you are corrupting those kids. So I had a brilliant idea of getting a couple of printed t-shirts made with the Lions logo on it saying Go Lions as seen above. He would probably be in total shock at first and then start to die laughing but the funny thing is he would put it on the kids too just to take a picture and send it to us 🙂 Now what he would do after that photo op I’m not too sure. inkytshirt

Now this second photo is of my little kitty Inky that died a couple years ago. I could have one of her cute photos on a tshirt and could wear her around forever. These two shirts were mocked up in a couple of minutes as I already had the picture and logo on my hard drive to use. I just needed to pick short sleeve or long sleeve shirt, the color option of the shirt, and to choose my own image. It loaded it up immediately and I got a birds eye view of what that shirt would look like if I had it in my hot little hands. The shirts are 100% cotton which I like and the more shirts you buy the cheaper your discount will be. I could see this being abused by a huge selection of sports fanatics who want to rub their wins in other peoples faces and/or making bets that they must wear an opposing teams shirt.

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