I’m Back Obviously…

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Ya, I got back Sunday afternoon. We made a 4 hour trip home in 2 hours. We weren’t playing around on the way home. We did stop to eat at one of the better local seafood places. Most of us came home with injuries as well. I heard a loud POP in my back during the middle of the first game of 6 on Saturday and then had to bowl 3 more games on Sunday morning. I didn’t get hardly any sleep that night because I just couldn’t get cool enough and my back was killing me as the medications weren’t helping. One of my team mates has the same back injury as me and his medications weren’t working either. Another team mate was getting one of the nerves pinched in his arm almost everytime he released the ball. It was a sad, sad day for us and thankfully that was the end of it until the fall season. My bowling bag finally bit the big one as the zipper finally broke on it now too. So I HAVE to get a new bag now.

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    Cyberpartygal // June 6th, 2007 at 10:37 AM

    Ouch! That sounds painful! I hope you will recover soon! May you get that bowling bag that you want! :icon_party: