Ice Storm 2014

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Summerville-20140212-00043So, we had yet another ice storm here with snow. Bridges were being shut down and some opened with others staying closed until the ice fell off the cables onto the road instead of onto the cars like the last time 3 weeks ago. They opened the cable stay bridge before the ice came crashing down so quite a few cars got smashed. The ice wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it was this time. I started hearing this creak and then crash. Scared the crap out of me the first time it happened. This was the neighbors tree that fell and what was hanging severely low I figured would have broken off but it did not.
These next 3 pictures are of my side yard as the tree limbs started falling. I had to keep racing downstairs to see what got hit to make sure it wasn’t serious. There is one pine tree in my neighbors back yard that has maybe 1-2 branches left after everything else fell. The tree limbs were still falling into the night. I think the last was around 10 PM.
In the afternoon it started raining ice pellets as they were falling off the trees because of the weight of them. I had to veer the dogs to another area of the yard to pee but that was short lived as they still went to the other area and the beagle got hit and she looked up like WTF?
Now if that wasn’t enough I just found out we had a confirmed 5.4 magnitude earthquake at 10:23 PM which originated in Georgia. Can’t say as I felt it as it was 30 minutes ago lol. I can’t remember what happened 5 minutes much less 30.

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