I Wonder About Some Physicians

01/06/2007 @ 3:51 PM | Health, Personal with 1 Comment | Print This Post

Now I know when we prescribe medications and the patient comes back stating they had an allergic reaction/side effect reaction, you would not normally just pick another medication in the same class of drugs, you would pick one from another class so you would not have another reaction. I was chatting with a friend last night and he had a reaction to a certain class of drugs and the physician proceeded to use another drug in the same class which he ended up having a reaction to as well. What the hell? Pick something outside that class so the patient won’t have a reaction. There are a multitude of drugs out there to choose from for any disease process and I really don’t see the big deal of it especially if it is saving the patient from having another reaction because it might end up being severe the second go around. If that happened to me I’d be seriously wondering about who the heck I’ve been seeing all these years and why.

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    Robin // January 7th, 2007 at 10:26 AM

    Yeah, that’s just not right.