I think my Dryers Fixed Now

11/11/2007 @ 9:23 AM | Personal with Comments Off on I think my Dryers Fixed Now | Print This Post

It still wasn’t working the last time my BIL fixed it but it might be working now. Just gotta do some laundry to test it out. Makes a louder noise than what it did but hopefully that will resolve after some time upon using it. Either way it won’t really matter to me considering the washer/dryer are outside the duplex in the “laundry room” as it were on the backporch. I also store my lawn mower in there because well, it would get stolen if I didn’t. I had one stolen before. They managed to pick it up and haul it over my neighbors fence and break the fence in the process. They were just about dumb because it the was kid on the other side of her that stole it. Idiot. I put in a stolen property request and called the cops to which they came over and got it lol Now the things busted and sits in my backyard and I can only wish someone would steal it again. Maybe I just need to put it in the front yard. That would get rid of it no?

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