I Love Toys

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Working in pediatrics at the hospital, I get to play with all sorts of toys and have managed to get some free toys mailed to me too without even asking for them. I got some mini Etch-A-Sketches, bouncing balls, and a few others I can’t recall the names of but can picture them all miniature size of course. I even have a pack of crayons in my desk with some coloring pages if I get really bored which does not come all to often. Every now and then I’ll hit up the playroom in the hospital to play with all the cool toys they have over there including a magnet building set. Oh ya, we go all out in the playroom. It is mainly for the kids who are admitted to the hospital and is free from having anything done to the children so they know its a great play area and once they have been admitted once and know about it, any subsequent times they immediately ask when the playroom is open so they can go play if they are feeling well enough. Sometimes they even get to take the toys out sort of like a library and take them back to their rooms to play. The magnet building sets remind me of the Lego’s when I was growing up but better. You can make these stay put a lot easier and have even more funky shapes because they bend in weird ways. It lets the kids imaginations just run wild and being in the hospital for something serious they need that extra help to make a getaway. So, whatever they might build could be the place they were wishing they were at at that particular time or some take it really serious and want to make something structural but the best part is asking them to build something and see where they take it.

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