Homegrown Veggies

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I love supporting the private vegetable farmers. I knew I wanted a salad tonight but only had a lettuce bag variety and some broccoli. I also knew there was a new vegetable stand on the way home and I stopped tonight. I got some tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches and watermelon. I’m eating my salad now and it is deeellicccious 😀 Can’t beat fresh veggies and not cold blasted from the grocery stores either. All nice and warm veggies well except for the lettuce but maybe I’ll pick some of that up next time too because he had some. Sweet old man. Definitely gonna be stopping there more often!

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    website copywriter // June 7th, 2007 at 12:20 PM

    I’ve seen a special on TV before that claimed bagged lettuce are washed in chlorinated water. I do buy bagged and pre-washed lettuce, but I’ve never come across anything on the packages that read “chlorine” anyway. I wonder if that’s true. I guess it is safer to buy them fresh and off the side of the road from a farm.