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Why is it when you have days off it freakin pours? I was supposed to have a dryer delivered sometime between 8 AM and 12 PM, ya don’t ya just LOVE delivery hours like that? So obviously I’m up early on my day off because I sure as heck wouldn’t be up on my own if it was my choice. Now I have a reaalllly good suspicion that this dryer is NOT going to be delivered right at this moment lol If they do show up I think they are stupid. It is a torrential down pour right now, literally. Of course, the little one is sticking to me like glue right now too because of the thunder. Not sure why she has become all suddenly afraid of it.

So much for cleaning up my yard of leaves today too which was my plan. I can still go to the shooting range though and pretend I’m aiming at all my enemies or people who have pissed me off lately. Then the gym and I think that mouse has finally bit the big one from the poison or I need to empty my trash can. Either way I need to fix that first and try to find the bas***d’s hiding place to get rid of him.

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    Kim // May 12th, 2008 at 2:01 PM

    It always seems to pour when we are planning a weekend of camping as well. 🙄