Heroes S2 E9

11/19/2007 @ 10:09 PM | General with Comments Off on Heroes S2 E9 | Print This Post

Whoo boy what an episode tonight. So who is Valerie Pratt and what does she have to do with the company? Why is Bob bringing back Noah with Claire’s blood? Could Claire and Nell be sisters of a sort? Why has Kensi gone bad and killing everybody now?

Anybody read the graphic novel? I think I need to start that and read it fully as well as print it out see if there is anything in there that might help with any of these answers. It also looks like there will be only 3 more episodes before the season is over with. And now for the best line of the show:

Nell is drenched in water with her feet in water while Noah asks her questions and she gets all smart and wants to shock him only to find she shocks herself because of the water and Noah says “Stings like a bitch doesn’t it.” EXCELLENT

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