Going Green

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So this weekend since I do not have a part-time job still I decided to head my pasty white butt to the beach to start the beginnings of my tan which has not occurred in some years mind you because I am usually always working weekends. I head off to the beach and arrive around 11 AM for my 2 hours because I like to tan for 1 hour on each side. Now I managed to find myself a nice quiet spot with no one around me until 10 minutes into me getting ready to take a snooze I hear a hoard of people clambering about with children telling them to stop doing that and to stay over there, etc. Dunno why they had to choose near me I mean there was an entire beach to pick from. I dealt with it and left.

Now later on that day in between watching the NFL draft I kept heading over the HG TV channel like I normally do on weekends because I like getting ideas on how to change the look of a place or get ideas for when I can finally move out of the trap I’m in into a house. This weekends episodes happened to be about going green. I love that idea because it will help save on your energy bills as well as water bills if you do it right. A lot of those ideas made sense too especially when they showed one hospital was growing herbs and vegetables on their roof. We could all do our part even when choosing a web hosting company. Some of the companies use wind and solar power to help supply the energy and why not considering that is free of course. You cannot stop the wind nor the sun so use it to your advantage. All of your Today.com blog folks who got dumped for the Entrecard fiasco should be checking out your options at Web Hosting Geeks.

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