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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ultra60smallI like having to pay just a few bills a month which is why I had my cable internet, cable television and phone service through one company. Now what I have a problem with at the moment is the fact that I am on the most basic of packages with no HD anything, DVR, or special television packages and my bill is almost $150.00/month. I find that not only disturbing but bordering on extortion. I keep thinking maybe I should change companies and switch to satellite/dish TV as well as DSL but really, DSL is slow compared to even my basic internet package now. I download movies at night because it could take anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on what sort of speeds I get and how often my company slows the stream up. I also have an issue with dish due to too many trees behind my house which is where the dish would have to face, not to mention when it rains the picture messes up and I don’t like that.

The closest Charter communications office to me is about 50 miles away. I can only hope they are moving their way up to me so I can switch. I would love to have the charter ultra fast 60 so I can get my movies in less than hour if that might be possible as well as my wi-fi capable components might get a boost in speed. Even when I get movies for my blackberry, it still takes about 30-60 minutes. I also have to keep watching some of my TV shows online due to a couple of them playing at the same time. Why do they continuously load down Thursday nights? It is just not right if you ask me. Of course if I could get a DVR with the service and not break the bank with it I could watch them on the TV instead of a tiny tablet screen.

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