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Gift Buying for Men

Okay, lets face it, men are hard to buy for. I have never really quite gotten that one special gift for any of the guys I have been with and with the last one I mainly bought clothes which is what he always needed because they were getting trashed when he worked. Now more recently the physician I work for is a gadgets freak and loves playing with any sort of mechanical toys. If you can find out what they like playing with why not buy them those things? Like last christmas I bought him a mini remote controlled airplane which he flew off his front deck of his house along the beach.

The Men’s Gift Guide is a wealth of information whether you are looking for gift suggestions, reviewing products or just having some questions answered. If you are truly stuck for an idea, they have some page resources for you to start looking through to help give you more ideas to get that one perfect gift for your man.

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#1 Comment By Undercover Angel On 03/16/2007 @ 3:56 PM

I’ve bookmarked that site. I have a terrible time shopping for Jake – he’s so hard to buy for. I’ll give it a try on his next birthday.

#2 Comment By chana On 03/17/2007 @ 2:53 PM

:idea::idea:I had no idea that you were from Summerville and that you worked in peds. I am assuming we have met before..in that hospital.:idea::idea:

BTW..we’ll be at the Godsmack concert on May 9th..can’t wait! Did you get your tickets??:twisted:

#3 Comment By danette On 03/19/2007 @ 12:39 PM

Hey Blue,
Thanx for that site, I also bookmarked it – I’m terrible at thinking about gifts.
The mini remote control plane is just too cute, and I’m sure my bf would LOVE something like that – I might go and find one just now, as his birthday is just around the corner 🙂

Thank you!!

#4 Comment By Sajjad On 03/20/2007 @ 4:16 AM

The best present I ever received was a hunting knife from my gf. Not that I’m likely to ever use it (other than as something on the wall), but it was a nice surprise and I loved it.