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You know, it’s a sad day when you are jonesing for some blackberries (because I LOVE me some blackberries), you buy them the day before at the grocery store, somewhat inspecting what you can through plastic, them looking okay, get them home only to open them up and find them with white fuzzies all over them. 😕 What a waste of money. I went back again yesterday because I really wanted some and this time I opened the containers to look which I see I am going to have to do from now on to make sure they don’t have the white fuzzies. Makes me think even more that I should get my lazy ass up on Saturdays to go to the local fresh fruit/veggie market 5 minutes from my house to buy for the week or something.

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#1 Comment By happily anonymous On 05/21/2007 @ 9:31 PM

That’s a bummer…did ya take ’em back and get a refund?

#2 Comment By Blueyes™ On 05/21/2007 @ 10:09 PM

Um I doubt that would’ve worked

#3 Comment By confessing7girl On 05/22/2007 @ 7:26 PM

i would def ask for a refund… i always buy on those fresh markets!! cause i dont know if thats what happens there, but here we can hand pick any piece we like!! i just hate when something like that happens to me!! my hard earned money going to waste!!

#4 Comment By Dual Diagnosis Treatment On 05/23/2007 @ 5:31 AM

Oh that’s too bad! You should have at least told the manager of the grocery store because they should know about it. It’s very disappointing when that kind of thing happens. They could also lose customers because of that.