Friend or More?

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Okay, I admit it, I signed up with a popular website looking for someone. I mean it is the age of technology right? Filling out an extensive questionnaire could give some good results. It actually did to0, sort of, but we won’t go there now. I just don’t go bar hopping anymore. I cannot understand how people still do that actually at my age. It is just too loud and smoke filled.

I caught an episode of Bones one night where a couple of the lab techs were members of this online dating site, as it were, but they got this message on their phones with a picture with I believe a yes or no button. So if you chose to you could meet the person as they were in the same vicinity which I thought was great. Everybody these days as some sort of smartphone so it would be ideal.

Now I never watched The Hills on MTV because the show did not really interest me. Of course it might also have to do with the fact that I haven’t watch MTV since liquid television got shut down. Apparently two of the actors from that show started a couple of adult dating sites which include and I’m all for checking out new dating sites so long as the profiles are not outrageous looking. You know the ones where they think they are all that and put up some half naked picture of themselves. Those are the profiles you avoid like the plague. I haven’t had much luck but have found a few new friends in the process and that’s pretty good. I usually can tell on the first “date” whether it will work or not. Then you just have to be up front to the person so they will not get attached. Stringing people along is just wrong so be mindful of others feelings.

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