Four Foods on Friday #42

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Time to learn more food facts according to me. If you are not interested you can move along. As always be sure to check out Fun Craft and Recipes to join each week and to spread the news so others might join as well.

1. What is your favorite appetizer?
Mac & Cheese bites
2. Do you eat enough appetizers that you get full and can’t eat your meal?
Sometimes especially if I eat at Applebees.
3. Do you usually make frozen or fresh appetizers?
I usually don’t make appetizers at all because I’ll go out to eat to get them.
4. Share a recipe or instructions for an appetizer.
You know pretty much anything could constitute an appetizer so I’m going with cut up some vegetables and place on a tray with Ranch dressing.

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    Karen // August 16th, 2008 at 7:18 PM

    I love Applebees food. Do you ever get their spinach dip? It is pretty yummy.