Football Sucked

10/01/2007 @ 10:01 AM | Sports with Comments Off on Football Sucked | Print This Post

There were so many upsets if you ask me. I mean really who picks Atlanta over Houston and the Cardinals over Pittsburgh? Really who does that? I didn’t get many other right either. I think I’m at 6/7 for the week so far. And what about that Chicago game? Geezus…. I think the only thing would complete this week is if New England loses tonight. I mean why not everybody else who should have won lost. Now the Eagles/Giants was a toss up and I had to go for my beloved Eagles. It looked like a fricken train wreck though. Even though I got to watch it last night I use this service called 4INFO to send me updates on my beloved Eagles whenever something exciting happens in the game because sometimes I won’t get to watch them if I don’t open up the sopcast and/or just not near a TV which would be hard to believe on a football day. But anyways, I would get messages like a fumble and crap….ticked me off after I just watched it lol

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