Football Bingo?

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Okay, who watched the game last night between the Steelers and Browns? What in the world right? I mean I think this is going to hurt the Steelers chance at even a wildcard now but what should I care anyways considering the Eagles are taking names and doing it right. We play the Giants Sunday night and I can only hope we can pull it out to get to the top of our division and make it further in the post season than we have been doing previously. I mean don’t get me wrong Andy Reid has been doing a fantastic job and getting us into the post season and he recently just got a contract extension which I know will help the team.

Now I also like playing the pots during the big games in that we have something looks like a bingo card with all sorts of possible points and during the end of each quarter we see what the score is and match it on the sheet. If our name is in it we win the pot for that quarter.

Imagine if you could play bingo for real like that. There are a couple of boxes that I might change though but I like the overall concept. Imagine playing online bingo with all your friends who cannot be with you during the big games. I can only imagine some of the comments after even one game with that. Right now we just have our weekly picks online since most everybody is spread around the country so this would not be any more different. Could have a card for each quarter.

Anybody having a good fantasy football season this year? I’m almost dead last as usual. I can never get a good draw. Eli has been giving me troubles and I keep benching his sorry behind and using Schaub. I wounder how that would be turned into bingo. Something to think about. But I must leave you now with something note worthy.


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    Twitter: rickybarbie
    // December 14th, 2009 at 4:16 PM

    Being a Ravens fan I’m beyond thrilled that the steelers lost to the browns. It’s like Christmas came early!