Florida Bound

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Growing up we used to go to Florida on an almost yearly basis during the summer to visit my grandfather and great grandfather. I still go to Florida on my own vacations either by myself or with friends although I haven’t really had a vacation in almost 10 years and that will just have to change now that my car will be paid for next month. We never made it to any Disney attractions but I took myself to SeaWorld one year. I loved watching the penguins and even got a front row to see Shamu. I was drenched at the end of the show but luckily I was wearing my bathing suit at the time under my clothes.

The last time I was down there we stayed in Kissimmee for week on a spur of the moment kind of thing at the end of August. Each day we did only 1 major event. The first day food shopping of course. Then one day was a movie, another shopping at a pottery barn. Some of the things I cannot remember it has been so long but after that one event it was always pool time and then dinner and lounging. One day we were supposed to go to the Animal Kingdom but I left a couple days early and missed it. I wanted to walk through the Animal Park and see all the wildlife from Africa to Asia as well as take a tour through the jungle paths and the Cretaceous Trail which holds living plants and animals that have managed to survive since prehistoric times.

Next summer for sure I am going back whether with friends or by myself again. I plan on visiting the Animal Kingdom this time and hopefully get to play with some of the wildlife like the monkeys. At the very least maybe they will have a petting zoo. Staying at the Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge would be ideal since that is the place I am most excited to see and would most likely go near the end of August again because I think most families are heading home to get ready for school by then. I’d recommend every parent take their child to Walt Disney World because I feel like I’ve missed out on something even now since I have only seen SeaWorld.

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