Five on Friday

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Neat and Tidy

1. How neat are the clothes you wear? Do you iron? Fold them promptly? Pull them out of the dirty laundry?

– Pretty neat. I do not iron. I hang everything up. Never pull out of the dirty laundry.

2. How do you make your bed? Hospital corners? All over the floor? Or somewhere in between?

– Military corners when the sheets go on and then just a pull up to the top when I get up in the mornings.

3. Do you leave dirty dishes in your dishwasher? In the sink? On the counters? In other rooms?

– Yes, yes, yes, yes. I’m a sad, sad person lol but to my defense it’s usually just glasses.

4. Are your floors clean enough to eat off of or is there an old science experiment growing in the corner?

– I wouldn’t say science experiment but I wouldn’t eat off of them either.

5. How clean is the outside of your car? How about the inside? Is there junk in your trunk?

– Right now filthy inside and outside – I’ve been a slacker. Nothing in my trunk.

Five on Friday questions here!

*Update, I did manage to vacuum the inside of the car completely since this and now just still have to clean the outside although I’ll most likely take it the local people and pay 10 bucks to let them do it while I sit there on the phone. No dishes or more to the point glasses anywhere except in the dishwasher 😎

The dogs needs a bath though because they are filthy, any takers?? They’ll hunt you down some squirrils and salamanders and maybe chase a few butterflies.

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