Find the Puppy

11/07/2009 @ 11:09 AM | Animals, Nature with Comments Off on Find the Puppy | Print This Post

stormycold So last night I finally broke down and kicked in the heat, or rather early this morning. It got effin cold. As you can tell, Stormy thought so too. I took that while I was huddled up in my bed. Yep, I have a recliner in my bedroom because it won’t fit in the living room. If you don’t recall, I have this enormous sectional which I do NOT recommend anyone buying.

Pepper was under a towel as well but on her pillow on the floor. I didn’t feel like leaning over out of the covers to get that snapshot. Yep, the dogs sleep on pillows with a towel over them on the floor. Nice beds eh? There is a real dog bed downstairs in the kitchen where they stay during the day. Well, one dog bed and one crate that is left open with blankets in it. They fight over the dog bed though, dunno why.

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