Fantasy Football Begins

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nfl-logoThe official season for football starts in less than 13 days from now and I, personally, cannot wait. I have yet to come across any of my boyfriends being a bigger football fan than me but I do have a ton of friends that have the same fanatic tastes that I do. We each have our own teams and will go to the mat for them arguing tooth and nail. Most of the comments so far preseason to me have been that we now have a felon on our team. Hey, we needed a quarterback and Andy knows what he is doing. Gotta believe. Shame Burress plead guilty and took a deal because we sure as heck could have used him this season. Stupidity begets stupidity I guess because he might have shot himself in the other leg given half that chance next time.

There is a new fantasy football site called WaiverWire that is now up and running. It was initially developed by former Wall Street guys. That being said they have put analyzing stats to the test in this. I have been a member to quite a few fantasy leagues and some have come close to the degree of what they are offering but not quite. I won’t mention what the mans team is but let me just say that team is a sworn enemy of mine. He should be worried though about his team and how they might not do well this season. Yep, I went there and I’m sure I will hear some flack from it too but I am calling them as I sees them and he definitely will need the analytical pros and cons from WaiverWire to set him straight. They might also help him choose the better team each week so he will win more pots. One could only hope right? If he needs to debate it even further, there is a forum to discuss with other members. Either way, WaiverWire is offering a free stimulus package that is normally $19.99 for this season that will get you the basic information like any other fantasy league pretty much. The Season Pass is only $9.99, normally $49.99 with more detailed access to the players, and the Full Season Pass is $29.99, normally $99.99 which is the best deal of all if you ask me and includes player projections and draft tools. You do get a risk free trial with this subscription. Better hurry though as this is just for the 2009 season.


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