Family Movie Night

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As far back as I can remember I don’t think we ever had a family movie night. I actually don’t know why we didn’t either. I love watching movies and will go to a movie all by myself all the time. I love having the freshly made popcorn with something sweet to mix in with it. Most of the movies I end up watching are the mystery, comedy, horror, action, and even the comic book series ones to a point. I never really was a fan of Batman.

I think had we watched movies together as a family they’d probably be something we could all relate to, be a comedy, or be something that each of us could take something out of to heart. I’m not so sure watching movies just for the sake of a message would hit home for most and if the kids knew that was the only reason they were watching it, they’d be even more against it than when they when they started. You have to sell these types of movies to kids in my opinion. Like with All Roads Lead Home The Movie, I’d watch it just for the fact of the horses and the actors. Most kids would like it just for the horses and the ranch. I remember Jason London from his role as a priest and think he’s a pretty good actor. Who couldn’t not like Peter Coyote? There are some people that just belong in certain roles and I think he fills these type. Peter Boyle, everybody knows him as the cranky father in his most recognizable role in my opinion.


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