Everythings Breaking…

08/19/2005 @ 8:10 AM | Personal with Comments Off on Everythings Breaking… | Print This Post

Well it seems this week is the week for broken things. I had my car in the shop a couple of weeks ago because the horn went all wonky on it and sounds like it was some whimpering little cat which they fixed. A few days ago it konked out completely and doesn’t work at all now. First available day I can take off to get this fixed is next Friday because they won’t touch it on the weekend “in case we needs parts”. Well if you need parts, your still gonna have to order them and me coming in during a week day to take off work isn’t going to change that because I’ll bet that’s not something you readily keep stocked.

Last night I went to use my house phone only to find out it doesn’t work :/ I have no idea how long it has been down because I usually use my cell phone to call people :/ They will come to fix that on Saturday anywhere between 8 AM to 12 PM…lovely :/ It’s kind of odd that happened though because I have my phone, cable and internet all in one line and the other 2 work.

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