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Ya I’m thinking I’ve become and E-Bay addict now. I’ve been bidding like crazy on crap and when it gets down to the final minutes I stalk the auction to make sure that no one out bids me for the item. I’m a very responsible buyer too as I pay immediately once I win something except if I’m bidding on multiple items from the same person which I have been doing for the past week because I want that discount shipping. So I do like a block of them, then pay and then do another block, etc. One of the fellows has even become an E-bay freak. She was po’ed that she lost one item and I told her how to stalk the auctions and she’s so far bought 2 items and is going to stalk another one tonight. I think I have created a monster 😯

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    Robin // February 26th, 2007 at 1:18 PM

    I haven’t done ebay in a while but I’m a bit obsessed with amazon.