Dying Tree

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Sometimes technology sucks donkey balls. I had this entire post typed out on my phone using WordPress for Blackberry, saved it and it never showed up anywhere. 😕

I have a black water chestnut tree in my backyard. I’m not that big a fan of chestnuts to say the least and black water chestnuts are hard to crack open. The dogs have fun playing with them when they fall off the tree and the squirrels try to open them up to get the nuts. The squirrels manage to the get the outer layer off and that’s it. I think that is the easier part because I’ve tried cracking one open one day.

Anywhoo, as you can see the bottom hole has been there ever since I’ve moved into this place over 10 years ago. Many large tree limbs have come down be it from dying or the severe weather we get. This other one I’m worried about. I’ve been hearing a woodpecker out back and I think this is his damage. It actually looks almost rotted at some points and it is very deep. I’m wondering if the entire tree could die from this at this point and because of how tall it is, it could potentially fall and nail my upstairs if it falls that way. There already is a pretty big limb hanging down right now that I can’t get down yet. I keep pulling and twisting the limb so it will let loose but some of it is still alive. Of course the limb is just out of my reach to cut it down too. I just don’t want it to crash down in a fit of wind with one of the dogs underneath it. I wonder if homeowners insurance would cover the removal of it since it could be potentially harmful to the home itself.

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