Deadlines and Stuff

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Why is it you can never get the paperwork you need in on time for any sort of deadline or is that just for me? I tell people when I need applications back so they can get their kid to camp and for counselors to get the time off well before the camp comes around although this year for the counselor it was on the fly but they aren’t in yet. They were SUPPOSED to be in yesterday. Now I just now got the last child’s paperwork in so that’s not too terribly bad but am still waiting on the counselor. I don’t know why, I’m willing to go but my boss would rather me not miss a week because he’d be irked that there was no one there in clinic with him. I still have to get the plane tickets for these kids and counselor to fly to Tennessee. Yep, we pay for these kids and a counselor to go to our camp in another state so you’d think it wouldn’t be too much trouble to get applications in on time.

Then, I was over drooling on ebay while buying some more memory for my computer when I thought sweet what a deal for 1 gb of DDR 2700 for 7.99. Dumb ass me looks at the memory when I get it in the mail and its only 128 mb. DUH 😕 I go to ebay and check, sure enough 128 mb. Now I get to resell the shit and go find the 1 gb sticks I wanted to begin with which I have now found. 2 gb for 49.99. Now there’s a good deal.

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