Computer Issues Suck

08/02/2008 @ 11:45 AM | Personal, Technology with Comments Off on Computer Issues Suck | Print This Post

So last night I get home and get to view the lovely /WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/CONFIG error. I’m screwed to a point. It actually is a ghost of a backup drive that was failing which I still have a copy of and am working off of right now. I copied all the files I needed over, grabbed my emails and was about to format when it still shows as it as a primary too. So I have two primaries. Bastard. At around midnight I didn’t feel like messing with it and this morning I had to mow the lawn and currently am working now. I just need to build a new computer but alas no money for the damn thing. Last night I was mainly updating all the programs and adding the crap I had on the other one to make it the same. I should have ghosted the other one to the old drive and this way I wouldn’t have had to deal with all this garbage. I hate computers sometimes. It is tax free weekend and I could get me something if I had the money. Maybe I’ll just go buy another fricken hard drive.

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