Computer Dilemma’s

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With school starting up in August and my desktop kaput it could become quite interesting to say the least. I am also hoping that my pell grant application goes through so at least two semesters will be paid for at 3 classes each semester. That is going to be a stretch for me in that I usually do two classes but if the moneys there might as well use it to its fullest potential and 3 classes per semester will cover just about the entire cost with a little left over to buy books. I was hoping there might be enough to rebuild my computer or at least be able to buy a new one using the discount from the hospital as well as Dell coupons. If I have to buy a computer already built I prefer Dell myself because I know their stuff is solidly built as I use one for work. I mean, I have a tablet too but it would be easier to do my work on a desktop.

That being said, buying the parts and building yourself could save you even more money as it is not a name brand computer. You have to be tricky though and find the Savings coupons for each part to get the lowest price. That in and of itself can take some time, time I don’t really have not to mention there is the money issue in that I don’t have enough either, hence the pell grant.

One of my friend recently went back to school as well since that seems to be the thing to do with all of this recession and she used one of the Savings HP coupon codes to get herself a new laptop. I guess to each his/her own when it comes to what to buy. But mind you I’ve, not her, but me, had to fix it because she decided to toss it on the floor and mess up the hard drive, which I ended up having to send back to get a new one. Learning lesson people, these things don’t bounce on floors and return with no side effects.

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