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Why are some of the commercials we are burdened with suck so much? Do the advertisers honestly think we believe them? Take the one I have been seeing lately. It is some home security commercial where the mother and daughter come in from playing outside and set the alarm to make dinner. Then, an intruder bursts through the glass door they just came in from and were beyond shocked and scared. Then immediately upon the alarm going off the security people called to find out if everything is okay. What a crock of s**t.

Nobody in their right mind is just going to stand there while the alarm is going off #1, #2 the intruder is not really going to care about the alarm either if he is that close to the person in my opinion, and #3 having some ahole from the security company calling to see if you are okay is seriously a joke.

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#1 Comment By B On 12/30/2009 @ 2:47 PM

Get out of my head! I hate those home security system commercials! It’s funny how a husband/father/guy just happens to never be around when the break in happens.

#2 Comment By DS On 01/02/2010 @ 10:23 AM

Those monitored systems are a joke, the company monitoring it is usually several states away and by the time they see the alarm and call the police the intruder has what he came for and is long gone… But if you’re luck the sound of the alarm will scare them away…