Cleaning Spree

08/25/2008 @ 10:19 AM | Personal with Comments Off on Cleaning Spree | Print This Post

So over the weekend I went on a cleaning spree as I have company coming next week for a visit. Not only is it 1 person but 2 people which totally shocked me. One of them is staying with me so of course I have to spiff the place up. I still have some more dusting to do but last night I got woken up by the A/C unit. It was making this horrendous sound while running and I fear it might be on its last legs. It almost made the place shake because it is housed in the attic. Been trying to get a hold of the landlord all morning but she must be at work today too. Hell, she still hasn’t gotten the guy to come back to fix the mold issue in the utility room but she better damn well get someone to come fix the A/C unit because it is too fricken hot for this thing to crash and burn and with company coming tomorrow. Thankfully I will be off after tomorrow so maybe she can get the guy to come then and I will only have to endure the sound for 2 days. I was in the bathroom this morning when it kicked in and I could’ve swore the ceiling was going to cave in on me. That must be where it sits in the attic.

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