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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 | Technology with 1 Comment

I have one of those bundles that include telephone, cable television, and cable internet. Keeps the rates down somewhat having them all from the same place. Well, I mentioned before that I was paying close to $150/month at one point when I saw ads on the TV that they were offering it for $75/month and I immediately called them to figure this out. Since I have been with them since 2001 they cut me a deal and I was getting $85/month with like $15-20 on top of that because I like an unlisted number and have phone insurance in case something happens with the phone. Well, I don’t use the house phone but very rarely. I have been waffling between keeping it and ditching it because I’ve had this number for like 15 or so years. Now if you go down one of the services usually your bill will go up a little bit because you aren’t using all three of them.

I bit the bullet and decided why should I pay for it when I don’t use it. I called them up and started the process and the guy asked why I was cutting that out and I told him because I very rarely use it. He says well what if we give you a discount and that intrigued me so I asked how much. He said $20 off per month for 6 months. I was like okay I’ll take that deal. So now its a base price of $65/month plus the other amount but I’m going to call them back and have the phone insurance taken off because at this point I don’t care if it breaks or not. Then in 6 months I’ll call them back again and get the phone taken off unless they want to give me another discount and/or extend this one. 😀

I just thought of something though, I wonder if I could get the NFL Network this year and maybe use the $20 I’m saving to get that. I have to see if they are going to offer it again first because they weren’t at one point.

Summers Coming

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 | Technology with Comments Off on Summers Coming

And you know what that means, vacation time. It just so happens that one of the nurses in the clinic is going to be heading to Las Vegas in a week or two staying at the Sahara if I remember correctly. I was there years ago for a friends wedding and stayed at the Stardust right before they tore it down. I’m not even sure what they replaced it with since I have not been back since. I love gambling and playing blackjack and/or poker are my favorite. Since I do not live anywhere near there I have to resort to playing online.

Of course, there are quite a collection of websites that will let you play Blackjack Online. Online Casino Spotlight is a resource that helps you decide which online casino best fits your needs. They have a list of the top ten best casinos online including reviews about them. I like that there is a section on payouts and welcome bonuses when you sign up to each site. The site overall is very easy to use and to navigate through. It is also not cluttered with advertising like some sites are. The main goal of this site is to give you information you need and I appreciate that. The site itself is blazing fast so you do not have to sit and wait for anything to load but maybe a second.

Some of the games I feel intimidated by such as Roulette. Whether I am in Sin City playing for real on using the Online Roulette that is available, I still cannot quite understand the rules. Online Casino Spotlight has a gambling guide that explicitly states the basics of each game including roulette. It just seems a bit complicated for me with the inside and outside bets and a minimum/maximum for each as well. This is why I usually play blackjack because I just have to make sure I don’t go over 21 and then be able to beat the dealers hand. Should you require some more instructions for a game though this is the spot as they have a guide from slots to Keno to craps.


Saturday, April 10th, 2010 | Technology with Comments Off on Watches

I’m not sure about some of you but I have always been one who needs a watch on them. I’m also one of those people who wear their watches with the face on the underside of the wrist. Now what really gets some people is the fact that I cannot stand womens watches. I buy mens watches and the chronograph ones like displayed to the right. I also like the gold/gold tone watches as well because I have never been a fan of the silver color. I bought my very own watch as a graduation gift to myself. No more of those cheesy plastic watches. It finally took a tumble into watch heaven when the manufacturer finally said we cannot fix this anymore a few years ago. Granted the warranty was for 10 years but I eeked it out to about 17 or 18 so I definitely think I got my moneys worth.

Seiko Automatic Watches can be excellent Christmas or birthday gifts but have you ever thought about Valentine’s Day? I did one year with my ex. He loved it. I ended up buying something almost exactly like the one I had myself except it was the silver/black color. I just need the date on the watch as well as the time and for it to be waterproof. I think it is way overdue for me to buy myself another watch since I have been without for so long. It aggravates me when I look at my wrist for the time and there is nothing there to look at so I have to drag my phone out to check it which in itself isn’t too terribly bad considering I’m never without it but I have to push a button to get it out of standby to view the screen and then back in standby so I don’t accidentally push any buttons when it is back in my pocket.

Blackberry 9700

Monday, April 5th, 2010 | Personal, Technology with Comments Off on Blackberry 9700

So recently I finally upgraded my blackberry to the 9700. This ones got the trackpad which at first I was iffy about because I loved my trackball on the other one but it’s growing on me especially when I’m scanning through my pictures and I just swipe it and its off to the next one. There are a couple things that I don’t like about the trackpad though like the fact that if my thumb is even somewhat tacky from water or heat that I can’t get it to work right. Then the other thing is that it is not sun friendly what so ever. The thing will move on its own from the sun.

Positive things, a wicked fast OS with more memory so I can put way more apps than I had on my other one and lets face it we all need more apps to play around with but honestly I still think I have only about 20 or so. Maybe I’m just that picky and don’t want to bog down my phone. I now have the Wi-Fi which I had wanted on the first phone but got the shaft on that when the rep didn’t tell me it was only available online. Doofus. I’m also on 3G now, superfast woo hoo!

Oh another thing I despise but its not the phone’s fault per say as it comes with the OS 5.0 is that shitty visual voicemail. I hate that with a passion. Just more wasteful space and annoying. I like the old way of getting my voicemails by pushing 1 and not seeing them on another app.

BBM 5.0 is way cooler than the original one too with barcodes, colors and the nifty group feature. Just need to get some more BBM friends as I haven’t been that active on that end. I am in the NFL group though which is nice.

Entrecard is no More

Thursday, March 11th, 2010 | Technology with 4 Comments

As much as I initially liked it, Entrecard has gone to pot now with unbelievably assinine ads getting approved and the quantity, my god, unreal and unwanted. No thanks. I will still drop on a few but its not for me anymores. Aw well.

Where’s the Speed?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 | Technology with Comments Off on Where’s the Speed?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

2 Most recently since my desktop is all jacked up I have been using the tablet to assess the interweb. Oh joy what fun, not. First, the thing can only go so fast with a 1 GHz processor, #2, I’m on wifi with max speeds of 54 Mbps on the router so it says but we all know that’s a lie, and #3, my modem keeps recycling. I had finally had enough of that and called them when I couldn’t get it back online no matter how many times I unplugged the blasted thing. You want to know what they told me? My modem is dead/dying. Bull, because I actually thought of that and bought a brand new one which did the same thing. I ended up sitting on the phone with them for a good half hour to an hour while they “diagnosed” the problem. I wanted to stop waiting and get going but they were my hold up. They finally got it “fixed” and gee, the thing doesn’t recycle anymore either. I swear I need other options to choose from but I am almost stuck with these guys because the other only option in my area is bad, bad, bad.

I keep looking for how close Charter is to me but they aren’t quite there yet. For what I am paying now a month I could get their up to 5 Mbps plan and still come out ahead. I should probably go to Charter’s Facebook page and bombard them with posts whining that they need to expand faster but that might be rude lol

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