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Direct TV to Offer NFL Network

Sunday, June 14th, 2009 | Sports with Comments Off on Direct TV to Offer NFL Network

Nfl_logoI dearly love my football and this announcement excites me but also bums me out because I have too many trees in my backyard and behind my property to even get Direct TV. I have had a rep out here and he said that it would be horrible if I got it. My current cable system does not offer it anymore because they said that it was too expensive. The only other option for cable does not offer it either. I’m pretty much screwed in that department and have to go to the bar to get any of the good games that are on Sunday and Thursday.

My boss has the NFL Sunday Ticket as well as the NFL Network and I’m jealous. He also has a humongous flat screen panel so that when he splits the screen into 2 or even 4 to watch a few games at the same time he can actually see what is going on in them all and can move any one of them to the front when something exciting happens. I mean where’s the love for the people who can’t get any of these options? I guess I should get some satisfaction in that the Eagles are at least going to be playing the Falcons this year twice, once in the pregames and once in regular season even though they have never done that before and I could go to any of those games in person which I have never done before but getting the money together at this point in time is sort of tough. I really want to go to the one game in December if I can find some affordable enough tickets. One of my friends from the gym already has box seats for that game in December as he is an Eagles fan too and I’m so jealous.


Poor Lions

Monday, April 20th, 2009 | Sports with 3 Comments

nfllions So I guess after the beat down with a 0-16 season last year Detroit has revamped their team logo to make them seem more ferocious and inside I’m just dying laughing because really who is going to believe this? You do see it right? They added teeth to the lion now. It’s quite funny. I think I might have a smiley that could go up against the lion. 😡 Ferocious enough for you? And it’s blue too lol

And in other news that interests me is that I still can’t believe we gave up 3, count them 3 fricken draft pick slots to pick up Peters as LT. Are they insane? They need to be using those kinds of trades on an effin wide receiver. What’s the matter with Andy?? Is he listening to McNabb because he doesn’t want to get a beat down every week? 😕

Reality TV

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 | Sports with 2 Comments

most assuredly can bite you in the ass and hopefully we will get that chance soon with VH1 getting ready to do a reality show on T.O. from the Dallas Cowboys. If all goes well and they start filming this summer we might get a shot of him getting canned from the Cowboys which I’ll bet will happen.

You got to be careful what you wish for sometimes in these things.

A Week Late But…

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 | Sports with Comments Off on A Week Late But…

eagle Check that out lol Granted we all know what happened in the game but I thought this was fricken hilarious when one of my friends sent it to me last night. I had to blow it up but normally it is a 125 x 125 size I’d guess.

Effin Cold

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 | Personal, Sports with 3 Comments

So we had snow flurries yesterday. Ya, you heard me right, I’m in the south and we had fricken snow flurries. Granted it lasted only about 10 minutes but that is besides the point. I mean it is not supposed to make it all the way down here. Today is just as cold if not colder than yesterday but no snow flurries reported to be seen that we can expect. I was getting pictures and texts from all sorts of people around the state about the snow.

Eagles lost this past weekend, I mean really, really?? They got beat by the Cardinals? Really?? At least the Steelers won and I think they will beat the Cardinals. Someone has to now. I gotta say though Fox had some good graphics with the cardinal and an eagle going head to head before they kept going back to the game.

Football Playoffs

Sunday, January 4th, 2009 | Sports with 1 Comment

We did it, the Eagles made the wild card slot after last weekends blow out game with Dallas. The Dallas fans are still scarce down at the gym which I find hilarious because they were so abundant at one point. And now all the Eagles paraphernalia is way higher than it used to be when they didn’t make the playoffs, darn inflation. Yesterdays games were somewhat of a disappointment to me as I didn’t pick either team that won. Todays games should be better and we should, need and will beat the stuffing out of the Vikings.

PS Baked Cheetos are the bomb. They taste just like the regular ones but now I won’t feel as guilty for eating them on the off chance that I do.